Article Writing Simplified With Instant Article Wizard Pro

Article Writing Can be simplified with this Instant Article Wizard tool. There are many article writer tools to choose from, what makes this Instant Article Writer tool unique from the other offer this.

Researching topics to write on can be the most time consuming part of article marketing especially if you have no knowledge about the topic that you are writing on. Fortunately there is a software product that can assist you with article research. 

Instant Article Wizard Pro is a product that can greatly reduce the amount of time you spend doing the research you need for writing your articles. Instead of spending hours your can reduce that time to about 15-20 minutes.

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How does it work?
I've developed a complex algorithm that extracts relevant pieces of research from a large variety of online indexes based on keywords you provide. 

That research is grouped and organized using this algorithm in a way that puts related research together. 

This makes writing your articles much, much faster and easier than trying to go out and do the research yourself.
I.A.W. Pro currently supports searching Google, Yahoo, MSN Live, Google Blog Search, Articles, Google's US Government index, Google Scholar, Google News and Google News Archives. 

Having multiple sources for gathering research makes it much easier to compile relevant, authoratative information to help you write top quality articles fast.

Create High Quality Articles
on Virtually Any Subject
In Just Minutes!

How does it prevent duplicate articles?

Instant Article Wizard Pro has a random factor in the algorithm that prevents the same research from being gathered for the same keywords each time they are run. That way an article you write on a set of keywords will be different, based on the research found, than another user who writes an article on the same set of keywords.
Even better, this means that you can create multiple unique articles on the same topic keywords. That gives you the ability to post to as many blogs as you want, submit to article directories as many times as you want and get as much content about a topic as you want. The benefit to you is more content, more pages indexed by the search engines and more backlinks to your sites. 

It Works, And It Works FAST

Create multiple niche web sites and continually post new content to them!

Create articles to submit to free article sites and get hundreds of back links to your web sites!

Get into the business of writing articles for other webmasters on any topic they want!

If you're serious about putting your web site business into high gear, you will purchase your Instant Article Wizard Pro account right now and start seeing the benefits of its power on your web sites. 

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Instant Article Wizard Pro
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Instant Article Wizard Pro is Guaranteed To Work!
Instant Article Wizard Pro is guaranteed to work as I say it does, helping you create quality articles faster than you can on your own, or I'll refund your purchase within 30 days. It's that simple.

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