Mass Article Creator + Mass Article Submitter

Still struggling to Write Articles, Submitting them to get Traffic, and make money?  

Brand new technology now allows you to now create 100's and even thousands of UNIQUE and readable articles out of just one main seed article - with just a few clicks of your mouse button... and then have them submitted to the top article directories on autopilot!


You Don't Have To Pay Anyone To Write Or Submit Your Articles For You Anymore!

Combine The Power Of  Two Brand New Software Tools - Mass Article Creator and Mass Article Submitter To Cut Article Marketing Time Into Shreds And Save Money.

Because The Need To Hire An Article Writer Or Someone To Submit Them Has Gone Straight Out The Window!

You know that article marketing works right... (and if you don't, then I'll let you know here and now that article is an Internet marketer's best friend for getting free website traffic and back links to your website)

And you know that the more you do it the *more* your business and traffic will GROW and the more money you will earn!

  Article Marketing Sucks and Time Comsuming!

Let's face it. Article marketing can be a drag at the best of times.

I don't like writing articles and I don't know too many marketers who do. You'd probably agree that article writing and submissions (by hand) is about as pleasurable as ripping off your leg hairs with duct tape!

The last thing I want to do after I finish writing an article is go to tons of article directories out there and go through the submission process (manually).

It sucks to do it all by hand but you know you should be doing article marketing if you want to stand any chance at getting traffic and building your business. Article writing can be painful (when doing it by hand) but all the hard work pays off in the end!

Yes it's true.  This truly amazing software will save you so much time and bring you so many added bonuses. 

The list of benefits to being able to generate a suite of unique, quality, yet related articles, is almost endless.


  It Does The Hard Work For You!

Before you rush for your credit card, let me get one thing straight. 

Mass Article Creator will not write articles from scratch for you. It will however do the hard work of re-writing several versions of your original article for you but it won't write your article from thin air.

Think of Mass Article Creator like an article spinner on steroids. But it really doesn't compare to an article spinner. It's much's a super article re-writer!

It will re-write your articles with quality, the way you want - you are in full control.

You simple provide one article (it can be PLR or an original) and it will create unique versions instantly!

At the push of a button Mass Article Creator will automatically re-write your article, to create 100's and even THOUSANDS of more unique variations in just a matter of minutes. It's just simply too good to be true!  

By using Mass Article Creator you can:
Be confident that with unique articles on each directory, you'll have no worries about duplicate content infringements!
Get published on hundreds of directories!
Benefit from the increase in density of back links to your sales pages!
See your Google search results position soar!
Increase your Google Page Rank!
Benefit from loads more traffic!
Generate incredible extra sales!

Mass Article Submitter is the perfect weapon to use in conjunction with Mass Article Creator. After Mass Article Creator whips up your unique versions of your original article, they are ready to submit and blast all over the web to traffic magnets...

...and Mass Article Submitter will do it for you automatically - you don't need to spend time submitting articles and you don't need to pay someone to submit them.

Here's a Video Clip Illustrating on Mass Article Creator - powered by youtube.

The faster and more article directories you can submit to, the better your results!

More Articles

More Backlinks

More Search Engine Listings

Higher Search Engine Rankings

More Traffic

More Customers

More Time And Money Saved

More Cash In Your Pocket!

Tens of thousands have already secured their copy... join them now.
You must also realize that this is NOT hype, nor are we implementing any scarcity tricks here. This software works and is just TOO powerful, and we will double the price at any time now to prevent rapid market saturation's as simple as that. Either get in now or be left in the cold. Read the testimonials on the next page click on tab and hear what they have to say about this...they speak for themselves.

    Don't Regret It Later...Opportunities like this don't pass by often.


No-Risk 100% Money Back Guarantee!

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