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"In Less Than 17 Minutes From Right Now You Could Have
A Fully Automated Website System Up, Running, And Ready 
To Attract A Flood Of Hungry Business Opportunity Seekers" 

Buying And Calling Leads Is A Thing Of The Past Because..

If you really want to take your MLM Success to the next level you 
need to understand what successful people understand:

 The Money Is In Your List...

(What's that you say - you don't have a list of
thousands of opportunity seekers willing to look 
at your program just because YOU suggested it to them?)

The truth of the matter (which internet marketers understand but 
network marketers are clueless about) is that if you had a big 
(quality) list of people that were interested in business 
opportunities AND you had a relationship with them, then
you would be standing head and shoulders above 97% 
of people in our industry.

Heck, the reason that I'm able to recruit a minimum of 20 people into any business within 24 hours 
of joining is because I have:

    A website specifically designed to capture 
                    the names and e-mail addresses of 
                    opportunity seekers

    Traffic going to that website 24 hours a day 7 days a week

    An auto responder that sends out pre-written 
                (content rich) messages so that the people who
                "opt-in" get used to me sending them messages

     The ability to send out messages to EVERYONE on my
                  list with the push of a button
                  - This is MUST HAVE!

     An ever-growing library of the newest and best 
                 marketing information from  the top marketers
                 in the world

17 Minutes From Now You Could Be Well On 
Your Way TowardsMassive Success...Even If 
Everything You've Done In The Past Has Been 
A Miserable Failure

Home Biz List Builder is not "just another tool".  Think of it
more like the "missing link" to your success.  Until now
no-one has made it easy for the "non-technical" people like
you and me to have a quality website specifically designed
to capture the e-mail addresses of opportunity seekers and
also have a follow up sequence specifically designed for
our success.

Now people like us don't  have to spend
thousands of dollars hiring expensive experts or hours
of time figuring out how to become technically savvy.
  1. Pre- Made "Do It Yourself" Professionally Designed Templates
  2. Pre- Made "We've Done It For You" Professional Marketing Copy
  3. Autoresponder For The "Technically Challenged"
  4. Make up to 3 Different Sites Instantly
  5. Unlimited  Broadcast Emails
  6. Use Your Own  Auto-Responder
  7. Built In Website Statistics
  8. Unlimited Changes To Your Lead Capture Pages
  9. Devon's Private Monthly Training Calls
Instant Access to Success Experts:

Expert #1 Matt Bacak - Devon Brown Interviews Matt Bacak

Millionaire Internet Marketing Guru Matt Bacak says,
"You don't have to get it right, just get it going..."
 In this tell all interview Matt (the KING of lead generation)
explains in full detail how to generate a HUGE list and have
more leads interested in your opportunity than you know 
what to do with!

Instant Access to Success Expert #2, More To See.

Expert #2 Angela Brown - Devon Brown Interviews Angela Brown

How on earth did a stay at home mom generate
so much income in 3 years that her husband was
forced to retire and join her efforts?  Angela Brown 
did just that and on this special call I've forced her
to share with you EXACTLY how she did it!

 Super Bonus #3:  FREE Private Strategy Session

Imagine if you could have some 1-on-1 time alone, because
just for trying out the HomebizListBuilder, Software today,
you'll receive 1-on-1 strategy session (valued $150)

Please, don't confuse this bonus with the personal monthly
expert training calls (which you'll also receive). This is not
a training call! It's a private strategy session
where we'll be able to assess your needs and help find a
solution that will fit you! For your own information visit
the full version and see for yourself and get more
detailed information!

See For Yourself Just How Powerful (Yet Simple)
Home Biz List Builder Really Is!

Once the word gets around, this service is going to change the
face of network marketing (and Direct Sales) as we know it.
And the sooner you get on board, the better it will be for you
(and everyone in your downline) Can you imagine how
easy it will be for you to succeed in your business with the list
building power and exclusive insider information available with
Home Biz List Builder?

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